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30 Powerful Womens Recovery Memoirs to Inspire Your Own Journey

Her beloved habit of over-drinking and staying until bars closed, however, meant that her nights and the following mornings were also all about her regular blackouts. Anyone who has ever suffered from panic and anxiety might understand the allure of alcohol to help cope. That siren song eventually led broadcast journalist Elizabeth Vargas to admit her addiction on national television. After getting sober, Allen devoted her life to recovery, best addiction memoirs and her memoir explores the life she lived through to get to where she is today. It tells the story of her addiction and eventual recovery in San Diego, California. From drinks at baby showers to work events, brunch and book clubs, graduations, and funerals, alcohol’s ubiquity are a given and the only time that people get uncomfortable is when someone doesn’t drink. It was the beginning of using externals to fix an internal problem.

How long does it take to break the addiction cycle?

It takes 21 days to break an addiction

According to psychologists, while it may take approximately 21 days of conscious and consistent effort to create a new habit, it takes far longer to break an existing habit.

I also liked how it relayed that music can be healing no matter what genre the music may be. New in recovery, a chance encounter with Gray Hawk, a 74-year old Native American, showed her that healing herself would include looking within, taking Steps, and creating a house of healing for other women. A new horror film explores how the hardest person to learn to love is sometimes yourself. I could not put this book down , talk about gut-wrenching honesty and not holding anything back. When I worked in beauty, Cat was a beauty editor at Lucky and, so I knew of her. I found this book uncomfortable at times and very funny at other times. It is the real deal and Cat is a talented writer, but most of all a survivor. I very much related to her always feeling “less than” in normal life, and only becoming confident and alive once she poured alcohol down her throat. When we aren’t posting here, we build programs to help people quit drinking.

The 15 most powerful memoirs about addiction and recovery

Iranian American novelist Porochista Khakpour’s elegant, vibrant memoir is primarily about being sick and trying to find answers. But it also details her journey with addiction to the pills prescribed to treat her insomnia and her struggles with mental health. What makes a book a must-read for anyone who has been affected by addiction? A story that is relatable and helps the reader to feel less alone. A story that is inspirational and helps foster a sense of hope. It Calls You Back is Luis Rodriguez’s second memoir, following Always Running.
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This novel is a reminder that no one, not even the people who look the most put together, is immune to addiction. From helping you relax to giving you a glimpse into another’s thoughts, reading can be a transportive activity. In fact, reading is such a powerful tool that books and poems have been used to help Sober House heal mental and psychological disorders. For more resources in sobriety, online alcohol treatment programs like Ria Health can help as well. Ria Health is a smartphone-based program that assists people in reaching their unique alcohol-related goals, whether that means cutting back or quitting for good.

We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life by Laura McKowen

I did many things I am deeply ashamed of, and reading her book taught me that I am not alone. This a different memoir because it focuses not on the road to sobriety, but on what happens with your life now that you’ve done the thing that once seemed impossible. She had already beat alcohol in the past and there was nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of her child with some champagne, right? Beneath her perfect life and incredible success hides a girl who thought she had cheated her way out of her anxiety and stress via alcohol, but now has completely surrendered to the powers of this magical liquid. You could never tell, but she is the perfect example of a high-functioning alcoholic who looks like everything is perfect, even when it clearly isn’t. She’s just someone who uses alcohol to muster up courage, and well, survive life.
best addiction memoirs
So here’s a list of my all-time favorite reads about substance use disorders. If you’ve ever looked around the room and wondered why there is alcohol everywhere, then this is the book for you. From drinks at baby showers to work events, brunch and book clubs, graduations and funerals, alcohol’s ubiquity is a given and the only time that people get uncomfortable is when someone doesn’t drink. In this powerful book, founder of Tempest and The Temper, Holly Whitaker embarks on a personal journey into her own sobriety and along the way discovers the insidious role that alcohol plays in our society. TheEmpathy Examsauthor’s stunning book juxtaposes her own relationship to addiction with stories of literary legends like Raymond Carver, and imbues it with rich cultural history. The result is a definitive treatment of the American recovery movement — a memoir in the subgenre like no other. Well-meaning people in my life keep stressing to me that alcoholism is a disease, and that relapse is statistically a nearly-certain symptom. “You wouldn’t get mad at someone if they had cancer,” they say.